The UKFSA has Arrived

The UKFSA General Meeting, originally planned to be held at LS-Ten Skatepark, Leeds on Sunday, 26th April, 2020, was instead held via video conference. The meeting was a great success, and within it, the aims and working practises of the UKFSA were fleshed out and refined by democratic process. An Official Management Committee was inducted, and the following roles were established by vote:

  • Chair: Tony Gale
  • Secretary: Aaron Watts
  • Treasurer: Alex Foster
  • Officer: Reece Archibald

We also welcome Matthew Smithies, Michael Erskine and Denham Hill to the Committee. The UKFSA will now set out to meet its goals by promoting the growth and development of Freestyle Skateboarding as a discipline within the UK. You can learn more about the organisation on the UKFSA About Page.

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