UK Round Up 2021

As the first physical freestyle competition of 2021 (and the first officially UKFSA-sanctioned event), the UK Round Up finds itself in the unusual position of being a very non-serious competition in a very serious role.

For those who haven’t attended, witnessed, or heard about the UK Round Up, it came about originally in 2015 as a reaction/response to overly-serious and overly-earnest competitions held elsewhere. Held as part of a larger longboard and slalom meeting/event/festival in East London, it’s provided an annual way for British freestylers to get together, hang out, and have a little taste of what a freestyle “competition” is like in a laid-back and farcical fashion – at least until a certain global pandemic got in the way, cancelling the 2020 event.

As such, this year’s event is looking to be a glorious return to form for the UK freestyle scene, and if you’re one of the many people who picked up freestyle over the last two years, head over to East London and get involved – just make sure you sign up in advance on the Skate Hog Hill website.

Event: Competition
Format: Mixed Pro/Am, with each skater receiving four separate 60 second runs, performed and scored in pairs – otherwise known as the The Overkill Deathmatch Format. If you’re confused, take solace in knowing that’s exactly what’s intended.
What to expect: Absolute nonsense.

Spring Sessions 2020 CANCELLED

Anthony Simm’s at it again with this year’s Spring Sessions. Beating all other competitions to the punch, this is going to be the first competition of 2020, so dust off your freestyle setup and get some practice in before the big summer rush of events gets underway.

Event: Competition
Format: Mixed Pro/Am, two minute runs, two runs per skater
What to expect: A relatively casual event held in the traditional British fashion (by which we mean friendly and slightly shambolic).

Get more info on the event page or on the British Freestyle Skateboarding group on Facebook.